Setting up the TradePeg Sales Rep App

  1. On your computer, log in to TradePeg and go to SettingsUsers, Agents & RolesAPI Access > Tap the New Access button.
  2. Enter a display name and create a username and password.
  3. Under Scopes access set Representative to the selected sales rep. Then save the new API access
  4. Install the app on your tablet from here:
  5. Open the app on your tablet. You'll be prompted for an Endpoint, and username and password. The Endpoint is the URL where you would normally access TradePeg on your computer e.g. The username and password are the ones you created in step 2.

The app has two kinds of sync:

  • global sync (i.e. sync general date like customers, brands etc)
  • per-customer sync (i.e. sync the full data relevant to specified customers)

From the home screen click on the bottom right corner ( No synced) and wait for sync to complete. This will download the latest images and list of customers. By default all reps see all customers. If you want each rep to see only his/her assigned customers please contact us.

You now enter the customer list. Before you can start a order you must sync the customer catalogue and tap the sync button. This downloads all the prices, previous sales, and updated stock information. 

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