A Brief Guide to Preparing for ‘Go Live’ with TradePeg

Switching to TradePeg is usually pretty straightforward. There are two reasons for this:

  1. TradePeg is robust & forgiving in the way it imports data. So it’s no problem to import more data later on, or augment existing records with new fields.
  2. TradePeg makes it easy for you to import data at any time, using simple copy-and-paste from Excel. There are no complex procedures to learn. Uploading or importing data is something you can always do yourself.

Importing Your Data into TradePeg

You’ll need to prepare a few spreadsheets containing the relevant company data. In most cases, this information can be straightforwardly exported from your legacy systems:

  1. A list of your products in Excel, including any desired metadata. Each metadata category should be in its own column.
  2. Price lists (in Excel).
  3. Customer list (in Excel) including any relevant contact fields, information etc.
  4. Suppliers list (in Excel) including any relevant contact fields, information etc.
  5. Inventory levels (in Excel). Most companies supply this final spreadsheet just before go-live, so that the information is as up-to-date as possible.

Ideally, this data should all be ready for us a few days before your scheduled go-live date.

Training & Staff Preparation

We’ll schedule training sessions with you and your team a week or two before go-live.

During training, we will walk through the use cases which you’ll use most frequently or will be most important to your company.

For most companies, it's helpful to schedule

  • a session with senior management - who're likely to have visibility on and control over a superset of company data and TradePeg functionality
  • a session with other employees. The use cases for employees who aren't senior management are often quite different from the bosses.

Equipment & Networking

Networking & Wifi

  • You need internet access for any laptops or computers with which you want to use with TradePeg
  • If you’ll be using smart scanners in a warehouse, storage or manufacturing facility then you’ll need blanket wifi there
  • If you’re installing wifi access points inside a freezer or refrigerated room, check that the access points' minimum operating temperature is the same or lower than your cold rooms.

Smart Barcode Scanners

TradePeg integrates into Android barcode scanners, making them ‘smart’. This enables benefits like the elimination of picking errors and greater picking efficiency.

TradePeg supports most Android barcode scanners with EMDK. Three models we recommend are:

Motorola/Zebra TC55. This is is mid-range model which we use ourselves for testing. It’s a solid unit, and is the one which appears in our Youtube video. Its limitation is that it doesn’t have a pistol grip/trigger. The absence of a trigger is fine for many customers, but not all.

Motorola/Zebra TC51. This is a newer, upgraded & faster update to the TC55. An optional pistol grip/trigger is available.
Motorola/Zebra TC8000. This high-end model has an integrated grip, a more ergonomic design, faster CPU and more robust scanning. If you don't mind the price, then it's the best one.

Here are the instructions for enabling TradePeg on your Android barcode scanner

Android Tablets

TradePeg has a fully integrated tablet app for b2b sales reps. In theory, any Android tablet running Android 4.4 Kit Kat or later should work. However, there are a lot of unreliable & poor quality Android tablets around, and it's generally a false economy to spend less than £100 GBP / $130 USD per device.

New Android tablets come on the market all the time. If you're thinking of buying specifically for TradePeg, feel free to email us the model you're thinking of purchasing, and we'll confirm its suitability.

Sidenote: Customers often ask why our b2b app supports Android tablets rather than iPads. We think iPads are great, but there are two main reasons we decided on Android for this:

1. Cost. For companies with a large number of sales reps, it works out a lot cheaper to equip them with Android Tablets.

2. Faster updates. We can push app updates on-demand to Android tablets, whereas the Apple app review process can take days.

Printers & Printing

If you’re going to be printing labels then you will need the BarTender Automation Edition. Note: you don’t need Enterprise edition.

  1. BarTender provides a 30 day trial, so you can optionally delay paying for the first month
  2. Important: BarTender will give you the option of installing a 32 bit or 64 bit version. It’s important you select the 32 bit version (regardless of whether you’re running 64 bit Windows)

We’ve never seen a printer which doesn’t work with BarTender, but it’s worth checking with us or with your BarTender vendor before you purchase.

Note: you will need a wireless-enabled printer if you’re planning to use the printer in an area which doesn’t have nearby ethernet cables.


Email & in-app support widget

Send emails to: support@tradepeg.com

Email is the fastest and best way to get support. We receive a real-time alert for incoming emails into the support@tradepeg.com address,  and will respond asap. Screenshots are often helpful when reporting a problem.

...or use the dedicated support widget inside the web app. You can access the widget by clicking your name in the black bar at the top of the screen, and then ‘Report an issue’ 

If you have the direct email addresses for TradePeg team members, please do not use them for support requests.

24/7 phone support

UK/EU support number: +44 (0) 20 0333 1582

US support number: +1 718 260 6920 

We now have 24/7 dedicated support numbers. It's ‘first line’ support which means your query might not be solved immediately during the call but they’ll ensure that someone who can resolve the query will get back to you asap.

When using the support number, please provide as much detail as possible on your question or problem. e.g.

  • what specifically are you trying to achieve?
  • what problem are you encountering when you try to do it?
  • how long have you had the problem?

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